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What's In A Name?


Thank you for visiting our website.


Back in 2010 we set up this website to promote our small business using a van. We did small jobs like taking things to the dump or collecting items from shops. Alas the van died a death and after much thought I decided not to buy another one.  


However, over the years we have built up the website which included useful information for Brits living in France as well as promoting local businesses. The problem we had was that everyone already knew us as 'A Man With A Van' so we decided to keep the name even though we no longer have the van.


So we hope that isn't too confusing - we still provide a useful platform for locals to use and a place for local businesses to advertise their services.


We hope you enjoy using it - we'd love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve it.


Many thanks


Ron Burgess



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