Advertising Rates

Listed below are the advertising rates

Website Advertising Rates

Option 1 - A Standard Listing
Alphabetically listed, 80 words and obviously if you have your own web site and email address, you can still have a direct link within your advert.
Price: €8 per month (minimum of 6 months - payment in advance = €48)

Option 2 - A Priority Listing
This is an oblong box situated at the top of the page. Entries can have up to 100 words or what realistically fits in the box and can include web and email links.
Price: €11 per month (minimum of 6 months = €66)

Option 3 - Focus On A Local (FOAL)
Think of this page as having your very own mini website with an already established captive audience. The design, copy writing and set-up fee remains unchanged at a one-off charge of €60. To host the page will now be €15 per month but that includes as many site changes as you like for no extra charge. Perhaps you have a seasonal special offer or a new product range you would like to promote? Well, simply let us know and we can update your page immediately. As well as this, we always have a list of FOAL bushinesses on our weekly emails with a link directly to your page.

As an added bonus - If you advertise on our FOAL pages, you can also have a Standard Listing for the special price of only €4 per month (saving you €48 per year) and/or a special price on a Priority Listing of €8 per month (saving you €36 per year).

Utilising our Mailing List

We've built up our email list of nearly 600 local people - this isn't just a blanket list - these people have actually chosen to receive our weekly emails and from feedback we get, people actually look forward to receiving them. From time to time we have allowed local businesses to advertise an event or promote a business directly using our email list. There will now be a nominal charge of €15 per mail shot if you would like to make use of this service.

Bulletin Board
If you would like to use this page to promote a forthcoming event at your restaurant or business, then there will be a fee of €5 per week

NB:Charitable events, non-profitable organisations or people searching for accomodation etc will not be charged

Bouriane Buy & Sell Page
To advertise general household items it's €5 for up to 3 items and then €2 for every subsequent individual item. This is a one-off payment and is to be made before the items are displayed. This fee is set regardless of how long the item/s remain on the site.

Vehicles For Sale
To advertise your car or any other motor vehicle it will be €15. This is a one-off payment and is to be made before the items are displayed. This fee is set regardless of how long the item/s remain on the site.

For methods of payment, email me or contact me:


Tel: 05 65 37 81 07 Mobile: 06 01 72 17 15


NB: A Man With A Van / Ron Burgess is not responsible for any items for sale or servcies being offered on this site. A Man With A Van has the right to remove any individual or company from it's website without notice