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A NEW government-backed service that aims to put a stop to nuisance phone calls will launch on 1 June.

Residents who no longer wish to receive cold calls will be able to register for free at

and add their landline or mobile number
to the "do not call" list.

Telemarketing companies will have to
update their databases at the end of each
month with the new blocked numbers
- meaning it could take up to a month before
your registration takes effect.

Registration lasts three years, at which point you should receive an email or letter asking if you wish to renew.
Bloctel will also enable people to file a complaint if they continue to receive unwanted calls, with fines
of up to €75,000 for offenders.

Practise Your French

My name is Régis Perrin.
I'm 42 years and arrived with my little family in Le Vigan
4 months ago to change our way of life.

We discovered that there isn't enough exchange between English and French people
just because there is a language barrier
and it is a great shame.
So we'd like to gather a group of people
together - both French and English, of all
abilities so they can practise with each other.

If you'd like to give this a go then drop me a line at: