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One of the things that people can miss when moving here is their favourite TV & radio programmes, not to mention keeping up with news and sports from home, so I’m often called upon before the removals van has even arrived.  Then of course there is the desire to watch some French television too - if we are to improve our language skills –n’est pas?


I’ve been installing satellite television systems to capture TV & radio for most European nationalities for the past 12 years.  I live with my wife Juliette and our two boys in Daglan, which is the in Dordogne but I work a lot in the Lot and Correze departments, I also go further afield when required.  Using an experienced installer like me for your audio-visual (TV, video, radio, wifi etc.) system is a good idea for the following reasons;


• I am ultra sensitive to aesthetics, I favour discreet mesh mini-dishes tucked under soffit boards rather than the huge white dishes strapped to high chimneys I see as I drive around.


• I am highly experienced in the complications of thick stone walls, high roofs and multiple buildings on a property, having installed in everything from chateaux to caravans.  


• I have specialised signal searching meters that enable me to align and realign dishes quickly and easily, getting it spot-on to reduce the risk of the signal breaking up in bad weather.


• The decoders I sell are guaranteed so that if there’s a problem I’ll repair or replace the box whilst lending you one if required.


• Whether it be a new build or a restoration project it’s best to consider the audio-visual set up at the beginning and I’m more than happy to go through the options and give free quotes.


• I come from an electronics background and am a self-confessed gadget geek, so it’s my hobby to stay well informed with what’s happening (and there is a lot happening!) in this fast moving industry!


One of the most exciting developments over the last few years for us expats is the introduction of the Freesat service which provides free viewing of over 150 digital TV and Radio channels with no subscription or need for a UK address or viewing card.


Freesat is available with the new generation of HDR (Hard Drive Recorder) decoders, my preferred being the Humax Foxsat PVR System, which features a hard drive just like your computer, so that recordings are stored in the box itself.  They are so simple to use and have a user friendly guide that enables you to programme a week in advance.  You can record two programs at the same time, whilst watching something you’ve already recorded and joy of joys you can fast forward through the adverts.


A major advantage is that you can set it to record a whole series, so that once you’ve selected ‘Record Strictly Come Dancing’ and then ‘whole series’ you can rest easy that your dinner will go on the table and not into the dog – we’ve all been there!


The other major development is the progress being made with broadband and wifi, making it possible, with the correct equipment, to view downloads from the internet on your TV.  If you have drops in your wifi signal due to beautiful stone walls for example, I can boost it for you and send it all around your property even to your outbuilding, gites, terraces and pool area.  This is invaluable if you’re renting as people can connect to your wifi with no hassle, wherever they are.


So if you’re trying to set up an audio-visual system, want to update or are having problems with the one you have, please don’t hesitate to call me for free and simple advice.

Pool Mainenance

I also run a successful pool maintenance business; keeping on top of the health of your pool will save you money in the long run.  


I can open and/or close your pool using the correct products and if you are not able to take care of it yourself during the season or let your property, I can visit regularly to make sure the pool is clear, healthy and your guest’s are happy.


Pool, TV and internet trouble-shooting are all vitally important if you rent your property, as they

are all key selling points and I can be relied upon to sort out any problems quickly and efficiently.

Contact Stuart Bailey on

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Stuart ‘The Telly man’ Bailey of Esprit TV

06 89 06 46 51

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