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Useful Information

If you are calling from a mobile you should dial the single European emergency number



Medical (Samu)


Police (Gendarme)


Fire (Pompier)


EDF English Speaking Helpline: 05 56 17 40 70

French Telecom English Speaking Helpline: 09 69 36 39 00

French Health Insurance (L'Assurance Maladie) Mon-Fri 9-6pm

English Speaking Helpline: 0811 36 36 46


Entries marked with an asterisk (*) are high season only, typically farmers markets but with additional stalls to cater for the influx of visitors. If I haven't included your local market, simply drop me a line and I'll update it.


Assier (1st & 3rd Monday of each month) / Labastide-Murate (2nd&4th Monday of each month) *Souillac


Beauregard / Betaille / Brive / Catus / Cenac / Fumel / Gourdon (1st & 3rd of the month) /Gramat / Lacapelle-Marival / Lalbenque / Puy-L'Eveque / Salviac / Villeneuve-sur-Lot


Cahors / Bergerac/ *Livernon pm / Luzech / Martel / Payrac / Perigueux / Sarlat / *St-Cirq-Lapopie / *Souillac


Beauregard / Brive / Domme/ Eymet / *Gourdon / Lalinde / Monpazier / Mercues / *Montcuq / Vayrac


Fumel / Gramat / Prayssac / St-Germain-du-Bel-Air / Salviac / Souillac


Beauregard / Bergerac / Brive / Cahors / Carjarc (pm) / Duravel / Figeac / Gourdon / Martel / Puy-L'Eveque / Sarlat / St-Cere / Vayrac / Villeneuve-sur-Lot /  Villefranche-du-Perigord


Albas / Castlenau-Montratier / Cazals / Daglan / Fumel / Gramat / *Labastide-Murat / Lacapelle-Marical / Lalbenque / Moncuq / *Prayssac / St. Cyprien / St-*Germain-du-Bel-Air / Le Vigan

Source from French Entree.com

When applying for the “E” forms there is no longer one information or issuing authority in the UK.


The E121: Retirement or long-term Incapacity Benefit

For enquiries regarding entitlement to the E121, registration in France etc call Overseas Medical Benefits Telephone 0044 (0)191 2181999 between 8.00-17.00. (UK time). To make an application for issue call the International Pension Centre on 0044 (0)191 218777 between 8.00 and 18.00 UK time.


The E106: Early retirement

For both enquiries and the issue of the E106 call Overseas Medical Benefits only. Telephone 0044 (0) 191 2181999 between 8.00 and 17.00.


Workers: For information and application for issue call Inland Revenue on 0044 191 2037010


The E109: For information and application for issue call Inland Revenue on 0044 191 2037010


Holders of the E106 who have been refused a CEAM (French equivalent of the UK’s European Health Insurance Card – EHIC) should make an application to the UK authority enclosing a photocopy of their E106(s)


The address and telephone number is:

EHIC Applications

PO Box 1115

Newcastle upon Tyne

NE99 1SW

Tel: 0044 191 203 55555

Useful numbers for health cover queries:

Source from www.connexionfrance.com



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What do you do if you have a car accident?

As you probably already know, you must always carry your driving documents including driving licence, carte gris and insurance certificate with you in the car in France.


Should you be unlucky enough to be involved in an accident there are certain procedures you must do. Firstly, if nobody is injured and both parties agree on the facts you are not obliged to call the police.  


Your Insurance Company will have issued you with a Constat Amiable d'Acident or Accident Report sheet, which by law you must also have in the car at all times.  For an English version of the form click here . This is basically an outline of the accident and is not a statement of blame.


It should include the location of the accident; the names and addresses of both drivers; any witness names; all the licence details and the details of the other driver's insurer.


However, if you are in any doubt as to what has been written by the other party then do not sign it. Call the police on 112 or 17 - they will hopefully be able to clarify the situation.


Pound to euro exchange rate

for your 2018 tax return


£1 = €1.1225


(Source: Connextion Newspaper)


Deadline for paper tax returns - 16th May 2019

Deadline for online returns in the Lot & Dodogne - 28th May



Do you live in France and are you travelling abroad this summer?

If you live in France and are travelling abroad this summer then you will need a Carte Europeenne d'Assurance Maladie (CEAM) - which replaced the E111 back in 2004. To order your CEAM card click here and go to the 'vos demandes' section or alternatively call 3646 or pop into your local CPAM office who will issue you one free of charge.


This will provide you with reciprocal health cover throughout the EU so in the unfortunate circumstances where you might need to see a doctor, pharmacy or hospital you will not have to pay anything, or anything you do pay will be reimbursed by that country's social security fund. If you forget your card or forget to ask for a refund while you are there, you should get your costs reimbursed by CPAM when you return but make sure you keep all your receipts. Then you will need to submit them with the S3125 form available at www.ameli.fr


If you live in France but receive a UK state pension or long-term incapacity benefit you still are covered by UK NHS through an EHIC card which is free via the website www.ehic.org.uk


It's also worth checking your top-up health cover (Assurance Maladie) as often it will state that additional medical insurance may be necessary to cover unexpected costs.


Source: Connextions May 2012

You probably already know, but for those of you who don't your local Dechetterie has free garden compost from time to time throughout the year. I know that Salviac and Cazals have a load at the moment (July 2012).


From what I can gather it's recylced garden waste which has been heat treated to kill off any bugs. It may not be the best compost in the world but it's FREE!  Allegedly you are allowed 3 cubic metres a year and I use it to mulch my beds to help retain water and keep the weeds down.


Compost bins


In order to help encourage people to recycle, the powers that be in the Lot (sorry...don't know about the Dordogne - if you know if it's the same please let me know) have a special offer for you.


For just €20 you can get:

1 x 320 litre compost bin

2 x 50 recycling bins

1 x 10 litre kitchen waste bin


I can vouch for their quality and I think you'll agree they're a lot cheaper than the high street.  It's very simple to get hold of these. Simplete click here to download the order form.


Complete it and either take it into your local Tresor Public with a cheque for €20 or post it off with the form to: SYDED du Lot, Commande Composteur, Les Matalines, 46150, Catus.


The kit will be delivered to your nearest Dechetterie where you can collect it in a couple of weeks. It would be rude not to take advantage of this great offer!

Need Something Sharpening?

I'm reliably informed that Pole Vert in Gourdon sharpens blades etc but a few people have also recommended Lot Affutage in Cazals. They sharpen everything from chainsaws to kitchen knives.


They're located on the D13 between Cazals and Gindou on the left hand side before the road climbs up to Gindou

For more information about recyling in this region click here

How To Look After You Septic Tanks

I've just had to had my septic tank emptied and to my horror, this 3-year old tank was completely backed up and blocked. I'd religiously been putting the expensive sachets of Eparcyl  down the toilet every week but this had not broken the contents down properly.


Mr.Septic Tank Man – Denis Gilles, told me the tank had never been set up properly when it was started 3 years ago. Once he’d thoroughly vacuumed out everything I needed to fill it full of water again and then put in ‘Bio 7 Choc’ in (available in Pole Vert and Frans Bonhomme). This will help to rapidly restart your newly cleaned out tank by releasing billions of bacteria. The dosage depends on the size of the tank, so always read the label. If you have a problem of very smelly gases coming from your vent pipes, chances are your tank isn’t working properly either…and I’ve been reliably informed that after a clear-out Bio 7 Choc will help with that as well.


And finally…instead of paying a small fortune for Eparcyl, simply get some natural yoghurt and keep it out of the fridge…then once the sides start to bed out, wash 2 small tubs down the sink – this contains more than enough live bacteria to help break down the contents. If you need advice or want your tank emptied then give Denis Gilles a call on 05 65 37 68 21. He doesn’t speak any English but is a top bloke and does a thorough job…and quite frankly earns every penny! Or take a look at his website: www.bouriane-vidange-service.com

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